Hello, I’m Kay.

I am an artist working in Portland, OR. I have always been fascinated with the magic of creating three dimensional objects out of two dimensional materials. Turning a piece of fabric into a jacket and turning a piece of sheet metal into a blossoming flower are the same to me; making something straight out of my imagination come alive out of thin air.

I learned how to weld in art school, but I didn’t stay there for very long. Most of my welding and metal working experience is from working as an industrial welder for almost six years. I like to think that the fabrication and weld quality of my work shows that experience.

I wanted to start making creative projects out of metal because the contrast of creating organic, feminine curves and flowers using what is thought of as such a masculine process and material expresses the contrasts I feel within myself. It took me a long time working in the male dominated welding industry to feel comfortable being myself and not feel like I have to posture, always act tough, and try to be “one of the guys.” I realized that I could still be strong and tough but that I could be feminine at the same time.

The majority of my pieces are inspired by forms found in nature. I love attempting to recreate the organic shapes of leaves, ferns and flowers from rusty steel. I have found my self paying much more closer attention to the natural world around me as I am always searching for new inspiration. My mind feels like it is constantly brimming over with new ideas and it is all I can do to try to keep up the constant rush of creativity flowing through me.